Our free photo licence

Here's everything you need to know about what you can and can't do with photos:

What you can do with these photos

Almost anything you can think of.

You can use Freeimag photos however you want, for both personal and commercial projects. You can adapt and edit the images and charge for work that incorporates the photos.

This includes advertising campaigns, adding your logo or text to an image, printing it in any print run size (e.g. book covers, magazine covers, posters, etc.), on your website, blog or other digital media, and on merchandise, as long as the image itself is not a commodity.

Can I publish Freeimag photos on my own (or another) website with free photos?

Only if you redirect the download button to the image page on the Freeimag website (i.e. this is the image page) so that people can download it from the Freeimag website (do not hotlink). You are not allowed to upload it to other photo platforms/tapboards (to download it from another website).

 What you can't do with these images

You may not redistribute the Freeimag photos, even to other sites or stock applications (paid or free), or offer them to others for their use. You may not claim the photos as your own or suggest that Freeimag or any of the designs, trademarks or anything else appearing in the photos endorses you or your product. Freeimag photos may not be used for pornographic, criminal, defamatory, hateful, degrading, illegal, immoral purposes or to promote or sell illegal drugs, drug use, pornography, weapons or prostitution.

Some images may be subject to other intellectual property rights, such as trademark, publicity or privacy rights. Freeimag does not represent or warrant that it owns or licenses such rights or that it can grant such rights.

In case of doubt, especially for commercial projects, it is recommended to do due diligence before using a questionable image.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at:

Trademarks, logos and brands are the property of their respective owners.

All content on this site is provided "as is", without warranties of any kind. Please note that although the photos featured here can be downloaded and used free of charge, some are not model released or copyrighted. Some photos may also contain trademarks, logos or copyrighted personal property. Freeimag and its owners make no warranties or representations regarding the use of the site and its content, or the results of the use of the site and its content.

Freeimag and its owners make no representations or warranties as to the ownership of any copyright or property in the photographs and make no representations to any other person who may claim ownership of any copyright or property captured in any of the photographs. picjumbo and its owners shall not be liable for any loss or expense arising from the use of the photographs or the Freeimag website, and by using the picjumbo website, the user agrees to hold Freeimag and its owners harmless from any liability arising from such use.

I have questions about freeimag PREMIUM Membership. Where can I find more information?
All FAQ related to the PREMIUM Membership can be found here:  Precios - Freeimag - Fotos de stock gratuitas y premium 

Standard licence

  • Unlimited web distribution
  • Prints up to 500 000 copies
  • Package up to 500 000 prints
  • Advertising in public places up to 500 000 prints
  • Decoration in personal space

Enhanced licence

  • Unlimited web distribution
  • Unlimited print copies
  • Unlimited copies for packaging
  • Unlimited advertising prints for public places
  • Permission for merchandising
  • Authorisation for web templates
  • Decoration in personal and commercial spaces